Tourism Places worth Visiting in Lahore

tourism in lahore

Lahore is famous for its beauty and historical places all over Pakistan. People from all over Pakistan come over here for tourism and gain the historical knowledge about Lahore. Lahore is the Provincial Capital of Punjab. Govt. of Punjab takes a special care of this city to make it beautify. Once Lahore was the Capital of Raja Ranjeet and afterwards it reminds the dynasty of Mughals’. Mughals made a great development to this city in ancient times.  Here in this post I tried my best to mention the places that are worth to see whenever you visit Lahore:-


Is one of the famous places in Lahore. It was built in the memory of resolution of Pakistan, Yes this is the place where resolution of Pakistan was passed in 1940. It is situated in Iqbal Park.

Wahga Border:

It is a village in Lahore which divides two countries, Pakistan and India. Here is the boundary line which divides the two countries. Every evening a ceremony of flag lowering and soldier parade held here. The soldiers at boundaries of both countries shake hands.

Lahore Fort:

It is the great building of ancient times which reminds the dynasty of Mughals. It is also called shahi Qila. It is situated in from of Badshahi Mosque hundreds of people come over here to enjoy.

Badshahi Mosque.

This great mosque was built in the regime of Aurangzeb alamgir in 1673. It is one of the largest mosques of world. Many people come here to see this great mosque and for worship.

Wazir Khan Mosque.

It was built in the regime of Shah Jehan in 1634. It was named after the Governor of that time Wazir Khan. It is one of the Historical places also.

Shalimar Garden.

It is also one of the ancient places that was built in the regime of Shah Jehan in 1641. Many old trees of Mango and apricot are still over there. It was made for the royal or king family of that time.

Except of these places there are many places to visit in short I will like to mention are:-

  • PIA Planetarium
  • Choburgi
  • 12-gates of Lahore
  • GC University Building

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